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Greetings, gentle readers! There have been several questions in the wake of  Forge's  release, so I figured it was time for a Forge FAQ. Forge  Frequently Asked Questions 1. Is  Forge  the final book in the series? No.  Resolve  the fourth and final book in the series will be coming out in 2023. The first draft is already written. 2. Weren't you going to finish the series with  Forge? That was the plan, and I drafted  Forge  and  Resolve  as one messy, messy draft which clocked in at well over  a quarter million words . It was too many words. While digging into rewrites, I realized I had, unsurprisingly, drafted two books, not one. Originally, lo these many years ago, I had planned on writing The Children of Man as a quartet. I had hoped I could somehow finish it as a trilogy, but, it turns out, it is going to take me four books to tell this story. 3. Noooo. We've already waited forever. How long are we going to have to wait for book four? My plan is to relea

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